Pneumatic Tools

Straight Type Needle Scalers

Never skip a blow, cleans and descales all jobs fast. Gets into extremely restricted areas...

An asset in any, de-sputtering welds, cleaning, castings, brick, stonework, and other materials. Jet Chisel is a prime pneumatic perfomer in each of these and other tough job areas.
Maximum performance in a light-weight, minimumsize air tool, Jet Chisel delivers years of trouble-free, efficient operation. And it's a tool that gets all the way down to the surface of matters.
Quick, Jet Chisel needles adjust to any surface contour automatically. They get deep into corners, all the way into uneven surfaces, all types of curvatures making it a tool no shop should be without. It's an equally efficient time-saver in ship-board applications, too.

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Air Hammer (AUTO CHISEL)

The A-300 Auto Chisel is designed for speeding up the repair and sheet metal works of automobiles, etc. Being light and powerful, labor can be reduced remarkably. This tool enables the work to be done in narrow space where ordinary hammering work is impossible. Thus the skill usually needed in hammering work is eliminated. The respective parts employ high material and are subjected to high precision process.

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Air Drills

The power and performance you need to drill deeper and faster • Build-in silencer • Reversible • Variable speed adjustment • Rubber grip reduces chilled hand

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Reciprocating Files (Super Hand)

Super efficient way of easy filing, polishing and finishing

SUPER HAND replaces work.
SUPER HAND is ultra-small, ultra-lightweight; yet performs with the power and efficiency of a much larger tool to meet user requirements of filling, chamfering and other jobs. It comes with the quick-change tool points for different jobs. You can work on steel, glass, brass, aluminium, wood and other materials silently. It also handles scores of big jobs with speed and ease.

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Angle Grinders (Myton)


  • Low compact angle head for good accessibility
  • Comfortable smaller diameter grip for maximum control
  • Side handle can be mounted to right or left
  • Spindle lock button makes replacement of depressed center grinding wheel easy Light compact body yet fast and efficient grinding!

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Die Grinders (Air Sonic)

The perfect tool for all tasks!

The high-speed mighty mite with supper-efficient silencer and rear exhaust system.

Wonder works on all metals, wood, and plastics, even extremely hard and exotic materials. And now that efficiency is upgraded with the addition of an air silencer and new rear exhaust system for grinding dust-it's all the more the perfect tool for toolrooms and model shops. The super efficiency of the silencer makes it possible for all craftsmen to work longer with less irritation due to noise. For precision grinding, deburring machines parts, grinding small castings, removing welding slags, shaping and finishing wood, glass and plastics. This is the compact, easy handing air tool for all tasks.

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Reciprocating Saw (Super Saw)

Special double-piston system achieved low vibration while cutting speed improved!!

SSW-110 has many feature on the followings......

  • Low vibration is achieved by the special design of double piston mechanism.
  • New adoption of piston rings minimized power loss and improved cutting efficiency.
  • Longer piston stroke improved cutting speed so much.
  • Rear exhaust system for chip-scattering-free operation.
  • New double-lock throttle lever prevents unintended.
  • Cutting Capacity : Max. plate thickness 3mm (for Mild Steel)

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Mini Beveler


  • Applicable to stainless steel and mild steel beveling
  • Super-solid insert with 4-side blades per piece practices good economy
  • Simple to adjust beveling depth and replace insert
  • Pipe outer edge can be also processed with standard accessories
  • Beveling angle can be adjusted to any desired position at 15˚~45˚

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Deburring / Burr Cutter

For deburring machined holes

  • While gripping the lever, push the countersink into the machined holes to remove burrs.
  • Optimum speed can be obtained by the adjust valve, resulting in clean deburred surfaces.
Deburring work can be made wherever air source is available. No need to carry workpieces to a drill press.

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